Summer Specials in Every Area!

Nautical Maps

Our stunning 3D charts are an heirloom keepsake that will inform and delight. Observe the water depth contours as well as point depth data. Shipwrecks, sea grasses, coral reefs, submerged obstacles and spoil areas are all included.

Birch, maple and aspen layers are meticulously designed to maximize the detail at each scale. Our vision is to bridge the science of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with the art of Cartography and precision wood working to create one of a kind art pieces you will enjoy displaying.

Our current areas of covereage are mainly North America but we can do other areas depending on data resources. New maps are coming out regularly so sign up to be notified.  

3D animation of the Tampa Bay Map

Custom designs are welcome – let us give you a quote.

Accent Lamps

These beautiful beach accent lamps are crafted out of Northern Red Birch and Maple. Hand-crafted and durable, these beach series laser cut lamps will bring warmth to any room.  The design is subtle and sophisticated thanks to the glow of hand made Momi papers from Thailand. Melded with a backlit film, the outside stays cool to the touch and allows the lamp to project wonderful shadows across the ceiling. Each lamp is unique as every lens is different so your product will be one of a kind!

We know an investment in a quality product makes sense. That’s why we designed all our Beach Lamp Series to use exchangeable lens packs. You can buy a lamp with any lens and change it down the road with other options. We have four different Momi papers and lens kits that work with our lamps, giving you the flexibility to change the look whenever you desire.

The accent lamp is about 6″ x6″ x 14″ and fits a mantle, end table or counter perfectly. It takes standard CFLs or LEDs. 

The Cartography Corner

This month’s topic is about understanding the mapping terminology we use when constructing public maps.

One set of terms we see misused so often is “Intercoastal” and Intracoastal”. Let’s talk about the difference.

The Intracoastal Waterway called the inland waterway is a channel in which a light-draft vessel can navigate coastwise from the Chesapeake Bay almost to the Mexican border, remaining inside the natural or artificial breakwaters for almost the entire length of the trip. It is a chain of local channels linked together to provide an inland passage along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Florida’s coastal zone, as an example, is a complex ecosystem encompassing the mainland, barrier islands, estuaries, coastal marshes, and mangroves. This is the Intracoastal.

The Intercoastal is actually quite different. It denotes a body of water that links two or more sea coasts. The English Channel is an example of bridging the English and French coasts. I like to think of it like the Department of Transportation does with naming our road systems. The Intercoastal is much like our interstate system of highways. The intracoastal is more like our state roads tying towns and regions together.

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