Island Laser Design offers precision artistry in laser-cutting Nautical Charts, Maps, Beach Lamps and other fine furniture. We primarily serve the hospitality, cabinetry, and home furnishing markets. Our Design Studio is located in beautiful St Petersburg, Florida.

The detailed nautical charts and maps have many layers that help depict the water depths. As a 30 year veteran Cartographer and GIS Scientist, I take pride in the accuracy of our maps.  I work as a shoreline geographer and partner with many other scientists to gather the critical data needed showing sea grasses, oyster beds, shoals, shipwrecks and mangroves. They are available in several different sizes and cover many beach areas across the country. Since we are based in Florida we have many more areas mapped here. We do custom work all over the world so just get in touch with us to chat about an area you are interested in seeing done.

Our products also include our “Beach Series Lamps” theme featuring local attractions and activities that surround our pristine beaches. Our silhouetted designs are laser cut out of Birch, Maple and other fine hard woods. All designs are handmade and designed in Florida by us.

We combine unmatched technical ability with contemporary and traditional design. From ambient lighting to 12′ x 18′ layered wall maps with digital media, we combine today’s advanced technologies with time honored precision woodworking. We laser-cut in a variety of materials, including wood and acrylic. We offer several “green” choices and do custom work upon request.